Why All-Star Events?

 We know there are lots of options when it comes to your wedding entertainment. Let us tell you why All-Star Events is one of the premier DJ companies in Utah.

Planning a wedding, or any special event for that matter, can be an overwhelming thing.  One of the best ways to get rid of stress on your special day is to hire a professional DJ. All-Star Events will be there for you all along the way during your special event and will ultimately allow you to more fully enjoy your event. There are several benefits of hiring a professional DJ. Our most basic and perhaps most important function is to keep your event flowing, keep the agenda on time, and to help create an environment that is fun and entertaining for your guests. Our experienced DJs are able to read any crowd and play the type of music will best compliment and improve the atmosphere of your event. Lets see an Spotify playlist or an in-house PA system do that!

To Spotify or not to Spotify? That is the question..

 So what’s wrong with using a Spotify playlist for wedding reception? One of the main things that sets All-Star Events apart from other DJ companies is that we custom design our playlists for every event. No cookie-cutter playlists here. You’ve customized everything from the tablecloths to the bridesmaid's shoe color, why wouldn't you want to customize your entertainment as well?


Recent national polls are showing that more and more newlyweds are wishing they had spent more time when choosing their wedding entertainment. In fact, over 80% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment, 72% of all brides and grooms say they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment, and almost 100% say they would have spent more of their budget on the entertainment. The numbers don’t lie. Who wants to have any regrets when it comes to your special day? Hiring All-Star Events as your DJ service provider is one way to ensure your special event goes as smooth as possible.


If you are truly looking for a top professional, you need to take some time and investigate a company and their DJ's. There are lots of DJ companies around but few of them have the experience and expertise of All-Star Events. With our experience at over 1,000 events and 80+ wedding venues all across the state, chances are pretty good we have performed at your venue already. Each venue is different, and we understand the importance of taking the time to arrange our audio equipment so that the music sounds great throughout your entire event. All-Star Events will arrive to your event approximately 45-minutes prior to your start time and will be set up and ready with plenty of time to spare. We don’t charge any sort of set-up or take-down fee unlike most other DJ companies. If we’re not playing, then you’re not paying

What Are Other People Saying about All-Star Events?


When it comes to choosing a wedding DJ, nothing speaks louder than looking at a companies previous clients. Check out our TESTIMONIALS page to see what our previous clients are saying about us. 


We think of ourselves as pretty normal people here at All-Star Events. It doesn’t take long when talking with other DJ companies to see that there are some interesting people in the DJ business. All-Star Events prides itself on having young,  clean-cut, professional DJ’s in our line-up.  We love to meet with our clients previous to their events. The last thing you want to do is talk with your DJ for the first time the night of your event and find out that they aren’t a good fit for you and your guests. We pride ourselves in helping our clients feel comfortable enough to ask us questions and we’re confident that we can work together with you to make your event memorable and unique to you. Check out OUR DJs page to meet our All-Star DJs. 


One of our biggest pet peeves is having to guess what something is going to cost. We have set our pricing model apart from other DJ companies by being completely upfront with our pricing. Who really wants to call in or email a company to get a quote? We pride ourselves on keeping our pricing as competitive as possible. We take the "Costco Approach" to pricing our events. We do lots of events and have a large line-up of DJs. This allows us to pass savings onto our clients and offer extremely competitive pricing without sacrificing the quality of our services.


When you’re planning your special event, don’t leave anything to chance. Choose All-Star Events as your full-service DJ company. We guarantee, you wont regret it!